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How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

What’s different about BeecaLighting String Lights?

BeccaLighting String Lights are designed to work with 12v low voltage. This means the whole product is low voltage. Other string lights on the market are high voltage 110v.

Why did we design it like this?

Since everyone uses this product outdoor, it’s exposed to harsh conditions like rain, snow and even wildlife. Overtime there’s a possibility that the cords will get corroded by moisture or even chewed up by animals. Not to mention the light bulbs are made from glass. Kids and dogs running around on the patio can trip over the wire and break the light bulbs. If you buy the 110v string lights, in this scenario, people might get hurt and get electrocuted. With the BeccaLighting String Lights, this will never happen since the whole string light is on 12 volt DC, making it safe for everyone.

Quantify and Prep

The first thing to do is measure for both the string lighting as well as the cable guide wire you need for crossing across any open spaces. When measuring for the lights, make sure to take into account enough length for your electrical source, and together with the cable guide wire, be sure to order enough to loop the cable back on itself at all mounting points (including about 12 inches to each length ought to be sufficient).

Mount Screw Hooks

Begin your setup by putting screw hooks in the mounting points you have picked on each end of the room. Make sure you mount the screw hooks into something sturdy like under the eaves of a building, a large tree or any other solid structure.

Connect & Tighten Cable

With the screw hooks set up, you are ready to get started hanging the cable. Connect the snap hook onto the cable direct wire to the screw hook at one end of the span.

String Lights Guide Wire Clip

Repeat this process for every cable or span required for your project, using cable clips on both ends in case your guide wire is being cut down from a larger piece.

Attach Your String Lights

After the guide wires are installed, you are ready to hang your string lights. It’s recommended using zip ties to attach your string lights to the cable guidewire. For maximum support, use a zip tie on both sides of each socket (instead of using the loop on the socket). Optionally, an extra zip tie between sockets can help add security and keep a ”clean” look to the setup. When moving across multiple spans at zigzag or other patterns, you might also want to zip tie the string at the corners when changing directions. The identical technique will be used whether your sockets are in-line or suspended, as shown.

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